Why keep a blog elearning journal?

  • to facilitate reflection and reflective practice
  • keep records and collect evidence
  • make a note of ideas to try
  • incorporate feedback from peers and students
  • review personal progress by tracking changes in your own thoughts and development
  • set yourself goals
  • link to learning cycles such as Kolb

Taken from Bailey, T presentation



First steps

I began studying on the Academic Practice Programme exactly two years ago, in March 2012. My reasons for beginning the programme were to:

  • improve my teaching
  • put more interaction and activities into the sessions I deliver
  • understand the theories behind teaching
  • achieve a qualification in teaching

Whilst I have not yet put anything to paper, I have used what I learned to improve my teaching and I have developed my sessions to be more interactive. I have also introduced peer review assessment, with the support of a course leader. I have had a couple of my sessions assessed and have always reflected on them afterwards, making notes of what could be improved for next time, as well as having reflective sessions with the module leaders. However, despite this and despite collating my work in various folders, I have not yet put pen to paper for the written element of the course. This will change from today. My first action is to begin this blog.

I am nervous. Am I up to this? I will not only be assessed by lecturers on the course, but some are also my colleagues at work. I am proud of the work I do, but also keenly aware that it can be improved. My job is a continuous learning curve, which is one of the many reasons I value and enjoy it so much. I am worried about procrastinating when I come across a hurdle, something that I am struggling with. I am also worried about finding the time. My work and home life leave very little of that. However, as I am typing this, I am more worried about not completing this course. It is something that I know I will enjoy working on and will gain lots from, along with a sense of pride. So on that note, I am now going to begin by refreshing myself on what I learned, before beginning work on the essay. Here goes…….